Three Ways Emergency Loans Would Help Your Computer Needs

Computers have gone from being a component for business, to a part of everyday life.  People not only use computers to pay their bills, email and social networking, but also, for their livelihood. An increasing amount of people are doing some sort of work part-time or full-time from home on their computers. Businesses have also depended on computers every day for service records, accounting and inventory to name a few.

There are times when people who are dependent on computers need cash fast to fulfill their computer needs.  They need quick access to quick cash through means such as personal loans from Plain Green Loans. In some instances, people simply cannot afford to be without their computer even for a day.  There are many reasons a consumer or business may need cash to fulfill their computer needs.

Updating or Acquiring Software

Computer software can be very expensive. If a business needs new software or an upgrade for what they have, it can cost hundreds of dollars.  A new client may need a new service right away, and for such, new software may be needed. In other cases, a person using his computer for personal needs may want the newest photo editing software. Quick cash can enable the individual or the business to buy the needed software.

Financing Repairs

A computer can stop functioning due to a number of reasons. Hard drives may malfunction or just quit.  A virus may invade the computer, causing damage to various programs or damage to the hard drive. A computer repair can be expensive, but an emergency repair will cost extra. Most consumers who are truly dependent on their computer for personal financing or business purposes can’t afford to be without them for a week. In some cases, most people do not want to be without them for a day!

Providing Upgrades

Like it or not, a computer is already out of date when it’s taken out of the box. The computer world is changing so rapidly that it is impossible for the consumer to keep up. The more the computer is used, the more important it is to upgrade every few years. Consumers need more memory or a faster processor if their needs change. Upgrades are just a fact of being a computer owner.

The computer world is a fast-changing world. Whether a consumer is using their computer for business or pleasure, the needs to keep up can be great. Emergency loans can help computer users buy needed software, make repairs or get upgrades quickly to keep them online and in great computer shape!

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Traditional Faxing or Internet Based Faxing?

Although the Internet has taken over when it comes to sending data, whether through email or FTP transfer, it hasn’t completely replaced fax technology. A traditional fax is a document that is scanned and sent between two fax machines through a phone line. Since faxes are encrypted for security and are a quick way to send signed documents, companies still require them for crucial forms and letters.

But, with the advent of the Internet, the traditional mode of faxing is not the only way to satisfy faxing requirements. Users also have the option to send and receive faxes using email fax services by Metrofax and other Internet-based companies. Which method you choose depends on the equipment you own and how often you plan to fax documents.

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What You Need for Traditional Faxing

There is a specific equipment required to send a fax. You’ll need:

  • A fax machine
  • A traditional telephone landline
  • The document

To send the fax, you place the document in the machine’s tray, usually face-down, and dial the fax telephone number of the recipient. When you first hear beeps and chimes, press the “Send” button to scan the document and transfer a copy to the recipient’s fax machine.

Although you can keep this technology at your home office to send faxes at will, copy shops and office supply stores keep fax machines on hand if you want to send a traditional fax but don’t have the equipment to do it at your home office. These stores usually charge less than one dollar to fax a single document.

What You Need for Internet Based Faxing

The requirements for Internet-based faxing are more virtual and less physical. You will need:

  • A computer with Internet access
  • An account with an online faxing service
  • A digital copy of the document you need to send

Rather than using a machine to send the fax, for online faxing, you use an account on the Internet. Most online faxing services provide multiple options for sending and receiving faxes, such as emailing the document, sending it from your smartphone, or uploading it to an online profile.

Because you would have an online account, sending and receiving faxes with this method can happen on any computer, and not just the one you have at home. Prices vary for online fax service accounts, although most offer free trials.

Which One is Right for You?

Examine your preferences before choosing between traditional and online faxing methods. Traditional faxing is best for people who already have a fax machine and phone line or who only need to fax one document at the copy shop. On the other hand, Internet-based faxing is better for those without a fax machine and who want to make sending and receiving faxes a regular part of their business strategy.

3 Useful Gadgets That Your Apartment Needs

When it comes to apartment gadgets, terms like “useful” and “needs” are essentially relative. Whether a particular gadget is useful to you or is needed by your apartment depends on a number of factors including your apartment space and location, your profession, and even your lifestyle. Moreover, the term “gadget” encompasses a diverse item spectrum; stuff designated for a specific purpose like kitchen appliances, techie toys, entertainment system gizmos, and office paraphernalia.

There are certain gadgets today that are relatively universal in their usefulness. These are gadgets that much of the population does or would want to own and find necessarily useful in a certain sense of the word. So let’s explore examples from both sides of the spectrum, shall we?

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Basic Household Gadgets For Any Apartment Dwellers

Water Purifiers

Having water purifiers around your apartment is very useful. Simply attach this gadget to your filter and your sink will freely flow clean and “purified” water. Save money, do the environment a solid, and stay hydrated in one fell swoop!

Robotic Vacuums

A consumer-electronics solution to apartment-cleaning needs! Taking floor cleaning into a whole new level, this vacuum bot is convenient and a time-saver. Just charge it up and it cleans your floors on a routine basis per your programmed orders. It’s diligent, too, cleaning under furniture on any surface type. And it’s equipped with GPS functionality to avoid bumping into whatever it’s vacuuming.


Yes, a microwave is neither new nor exciting, but the fact remains that it is one of the most useful household gadgets one can ever have. And if you want to eat hot food at home on a regular basis, your apartment probably needs one.

The Case of a Musician’s Apartment: A Location-Specific Gadget Experience

The capital of Texas, Austin is famously known as the “Live Music Capital of the World” for its close to 200 active music venues and flourishing musician communities.

Austin’s music scene-makers are hailed from all across the country. And their music business is almost inevitably transitory, requiring the innate mobility of their “offices”: practice spaces, recording studios, and performance arenas.

For musicians who rent Austin apartments for music-business purposes, there are cool gadgets that keep you and your music-making haven in harmony. Ideally, a musician’s apartment needs these remarkably useful gadgets especially made for musicians and music lovers alike:

Mini Amp Plugs

These pint-sized headphone instrument amps enable instant jamming whenever and wherever you are, with intensity cranked to your heart’s content.

Apple’s GarageBand App for iPad

Compose and live record everything for an album! Loaded with virtual instruments including keyboards and a drum kit, this entertainment-studio app is equipped with intuitive interface that lets you compose, play, and jam just like with the ordinary music instruments.

Green Glue

Dramatically reduces sound vibrations, green glue is an effective DIY soundproofing and insulation for the walls, ceiling, and floor of your apartment-cum-music studio.

At the end of the day, wherever and whatever the collective apartment-renting you may live or dwell for a living, and however you define gadgets, the bottom line is this: you love ‘em and you don’t want to live without ‘em!

Secured Lending Company For Your Long Term Investment

initial investment—even if it’s crucial for your business’ future.

You may be looking for a financial jump-start to get the investment ball rolling. Or you may be looking for a way to get started in business in the first place. Whatever reason you may have in taking a long-term investment plunge, you need to start looking for a secured lending company for your long-term investment. But who should you choose? How do you know you’re choosing a lending company you can trust?

Choosing a Secured Lending Company for Your Long-Term Investment

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It’s important not to jump into a loan with the first loan company you can find. Though there are plenty of secure, legitimate lenders out there, the Internet still hosts some untrustworthy and illegal lenders. Here are some questions to ask before you choose a lender:

  1. Does the lender’s website look professional? 
    If you see plenty of huge “GET CASH QUICK” or “INSTANTLY APPROVED” phrases in all capitals, the lender probably isn’t a good bet. If the company can’t spend the money or the time on a professional website, they’re not worth your time or money, either.
  2. Does the lender require proof of income or other financial qualifications?
    You should be suspicious of companies who claim that everyone will be approved. Instead, look for sites that require proof of income and a checking account in good standing before they approve an application.
  3. Are  loan requirements and repayment rules clearly listed on the website?
    A secure lender will clearly outline their rules and requirements for payday installment loans– they’re not trying to hide anything from borrowers.
  4. Can you repay your loan in full at any time? 
    Loan installments are provided for borrower convenience, but you shouldn’t be restricted to the installment plan or prohibited from paying your loan off in full at any time.
  5. Does the lender reward previous borrowers?
    Lenders who give preference to borrowers who’ve successfully repaid payday installment loans in the past are the lenders who genuinely want to reward repayments.

But even with thorough planning, there are financial emergencies that you simply can’t avoid. Regardless of the nature of the emergency, these immediate expenses could easily pile up if you don’t know where to look for help. Consider getting online personal loans from to alleviate your burdens. But you should remember that these loans are intended for emergencies, so evaluate your situation properly.

What Big Investments Are On Your Horizon?

Got any big long-term investments in mind for your business? We want to hear about them! Share your business investment plans in the comments.

Rhapsody Challenges Cricket’s Music Phone, Can it Deliver?

Change is vital. Technology demands it, utilizing every idea for the sake of innovation. And the Cricket Muve—the first music phone of its kind, with a system dedicated purely to downloading files and offering users high quality sound—impressed the gizmo savvy when it debuted in 2011.

This item boasts an exclusive service which caters to music fans. Its streamlined focus, along with integrative technology, still proves unique among the many mobile phone options. It hasn’t, however, remained the only choice.

There is now an alternative to the Cricket Muve: Rhapsody Unlimited. This service, as provided by MetroPCS, seeks to redefine both music and cellphones. It offers a variety of songs, sharing formats, and even hosting options that are undeniable.

Is Cricket’s Muve Music Phone challenged by Rhapsody? Compare the following points:

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There are few dollars to spare each month. Choosing an efficient cellphone plan is essential therefore. Both the Cricket Muve and Rhapsody Unlimited provide affordable options for users.

As of 2012, the Cricket Muve is $55.00 per month, which offers unlimited files, texting, web browsing and more. Initial phone purchases and activation fees will vary, however.

In contrast, $10.00 per month bundles Rhapsody Unlimited with any MetroPCS plan and ensures access to over 13 million songs and downloadable content. The savings are comparable.


Tech-savvy users crave music in every form. Hosting songs must then be an easy task. The Cricket Muve and Rhapsody Unlimited differ greatly in their options, however.

The Cricket Muve is a music phone meant to centralize all downloads to one location. Rhapsody Unlimited, though, allows users to sync their songs with any MetroPCS network, MP3 compatible device, computer, or even web page. This ensures portability, which is essential.


Finding the perfect song is often challenging. Listening to it should therefore be as simple as possible, but the Cricket Muve and Rhapsody Unlimited, once again, differ on their methods for this.

Cricket users will discover downloadable content… and nothing else. Rhapsody Unlimited, however, ensures that streaming is also utilized, offering greater variety. Storing songs or simply sampling to them (taking advantage of MetroPCS speed) is now possible.


A favorite tune deserves to be shared, and users often exchange files. Those who choose Rhapsody, however, will discover greater convenience with this.

Rhapsody Unlimited offers access to the Internet, particularly social media sites. Creating playlists, emailing songs, and even posting files online is now easy through this service. The Cricket Muve’s lack of portability, however, keeps its potential too confined. It is purely a phone.

Progress is constant, and the Cricket Muve provided a new way to listen to music in 2011, and it continues even today to fulfill a niche within technology. The Rhapsody option, though, creates a better experience for users overall, with greater hosting capabilities, content variety, and even link exchanges.

Are you ready to listen?

3 Reasons Online Casinos Should Use Open Source Software

Although now, in the beginning of 2012, the open source community is stronger than ever and online casinos continue to gain in popularity, there are still surprisingly few open source gambling software options available. When people ask why this is the case in forums, normally, the answers are along the lines: gambling sites don’t want to give up their competitive advantage, or they’re worried about software security. However, I would contend, that the reasons given above are easily overcome by the enormous benefits that open source software provides.

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  1. Security: There is a common misconception that open source software is less safe than closed source software because hackers have access to the code and, therefore, can find the code’s weak points — when, in fact, the opposite is true. In his article, “Is Open Source Safe?” Lincoln Spector points out that, because anyone can look at the source code, far more security experts are able to check to make sure the code is safe than would be possible if the company designing the software actually had to pay them all. Plus, he says, if you want an example of closed source software that hackers exploit all the time, just look at Windows.
  2. Transparency: When it comes to online gambling games, casinos live or die by their reputations for honesty. Despite the many forums devoted to rooting out casinos that cheat players — called “rogue casinos” — the very idea of cheating is one of the biggest reasons that more people don’t use online casinos. They’re worried about a scam. Therefore, if an online casino used open source software, it would go a long way towards easing player’s minds. This is why I don’t buy the “they don’t want to give away their competitive advantage argument” — because, as the market stands now, the good press that open source transparency would give to a casino would far outweigh any secret formula hidden in the code.
  3. Cost: This one is a no brainer: open source software is free! If you are looking to set up an online casino, therefore, and you either have to pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for your software or get it for free, what are you going to do? I would say, if you know enough to reject the myths about open source safety problems, you would certainly choose free!


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To me at least, it seems inevitable that more open source gambling software will soon be available. However, there is one somewhat interesting philosophical problem attached to this claim. Will people design open source software that allows others to make a profit? Isn’t that sort of against the spirit of “open source?” I would contend that it is not, mostly because such software already exists. This article is merely predicting more and pointing out its virtues.


SEO Basics – Meta Tags Explained

Description: Knowledge of SEO basics is important in making your website more visible to your target viewers, most of whom regularly go to Internet search engines to look for useful content. The meta tags of your website can be optimized for your website to be easily indexed by the search engine robots of Google, Yahoo! and other Web search engines. Here is a brief explanation of meta tags and its importance in properly optimizing your website for the most widely used Internet search engines.

Body: Meta tags are used by browsers to display relevant information of your website to your viewers. These include the title of the page, the description and keywords associated with the content of the page. These details are also used by Internet search engines to easily index a website under relevant keywords and topics.
Internet search engines previously gave a lot of weight to these meta tags. Spammers and other SEO experts began to notice the importance Internet search engines gave to these meta tags. They then tried to dupe the ranking algorithms of the most widely used Internet search engines by stuffing these meta tags with keywords, most of which were unrelated to the content of the page, just to get high search engine rankings for those keywords. The result = Google, Yahoo! and other Internet search engines began to devalue the importance of these meta tags for indexing and ranking.

Google does not give any value to meta keywords, though Yahoo! still does, albeit low importance. Most Internet search engines still give importance to meta titles, since this is also the first line viewers will see when loading and browsing a page.

Meta tags are values between the HEAD HTML tags of a page. Meta titles should be kept at a minimum of 60 characters because most Internet search engines have a 60-character limit for titles.

Meta descriptions should also consist of not more than 160 characters. This is the usual limit of Internet search engines when it comes to meta descriptions. Most Internet search engines do not display meta descriptions in the search results index, at the bottom of the title of the page, since they often use indexed content portions of the actual page. They will however use the meta descriptions when they cannot find suitable content portions to display as the relevant description of a page in their search results index.

Meta keywords should be kept at a bare minimum of ten keywords. Google does not provide any importance to these meta keywords, though Yahoo! and other Internet search engines still do.

These are some of the SEO basics you must keep in mind and implement on the pages of your website. Remember: Try to make each page of your website beneficial, easily navigable and simple to browse by human viewers. Doing this could most likely provide you with better SEO results.

Alex is a freelance technology blogger and journalist. He loves to write articles about SEO or Apple mac products and currently writes a media blog covering everything from mobile phones to Virgin Media Discount Codes .

Ten Reasons Laptops are Better than Tablets

These days, much of the buzz in the tech world is focused on tablets. Whether it’s because it’s the latest in technology or since it’s lighter or more compact, the preference may still be depend on the needs of the user. In lieu to this, there are people asking: Are tablets better than laptops? Or is it the other way around: Are Laptops better than tablets?True enough, tablets come with several features, specifications and advantages. However, if you will compare tablets with laptops, these tablets have limitations you need to think twice about. Below are 10 reasons why most people think that laptops are actually better than tablets.

Reason 1: It is easier to lose a tablet than a laptop.

This has a lot to do with its size. As we all know, tablets are smaller so you can lose them easily. It can even get stolen without your knowledge. If you have a laptop, you’ll surely notice if it has been stolen already.

Reason 2: Laptops have a more robust frame or are strongly built.

Yes, tablets are portable and they usually have a protective case for protection but even with these features, tablets are still more vulnerable to damage. Laptops are still more robust.

Reason 3: There is less privacy with tablets.

These days, with all the hacking and virus/malware incidents going around the Net, privacy is a very important feature. When you read a tablet, other people can easily see what you are typing or doing. With a laptop, this can be prevented because of the back of the screen.

Reason 4: Laptops have better storage capacities and processor.

Looking closely, using a tablet or iPad2, the storage capacity easily gets filled up, right? Aside from that, thereís no SD card you can use for storage (at least at the moment). Comparing these to laptops, the latter features more storage capacity. As for the processor, laptops have better processors than tablets.

Reason 5: It is easier to find supports and connections for laptops.

As compared to tablets, laptops have more supports and connections you can think of. There’s Bluetooth, HDMI and other wireless support for tablets but for laptops, they have these as well as eSATA, DVI or VGA and even a USB 3.0 port among others. Tablets are not even supported by USB 2.0 ports.

These tablets also lack features like:

Built-in surround sounds

Optical drives



And more

Reason 6: Tablets have a lesser battery life.

Tablets not only have touchscreens with many limitations, they also drain battery life easily.

Reason 7: There are bugs and other problems you may encounter when using a tablet.

These days, the best OS for tablets is Android Honeycomb. However, it is still comparable to version 1 of what laptops have. Laptops now have Windows, Mac and other operating systems that have been used, tested, debugged and improved for years.

If you want to use other operating systems for your tablet, you will choose among several systems such as:



Google Android


When it comes to laptops, the options are smaller. You only need to choose between Mac and Windows.

Reason 8: Tablets are only better used online.

There is only very little you can do with a tablet offline. This means, even if theyíre more portable than laptops, you still need to connect to the Net to maximize their use.

Reason 9: Laptops feature more editing options for media.

As long as you install the proper program, editing for media won’t be a problem with laptops. As for tablets, they are restricted to only a few options. Tablets are also unable to support the full media and rich content of the Net as well as web pages. They have a restricted view and they don’t even support some features. For iPad, it doesn’t even support flash content so there’s a limited content display.

Reason 10: It is easier to upgrade a laptop and they are cheaper than tablets.

We all know that tablets cost more than laptops. Laptops can also be upgraded easily for better performance. Furthermore, laptops can be used alone. This means, there’s no more need for alternative devices. When it comes to the price, laptops are cheaper.

It seems that there are more reasons laptops are better than tablets as compared to tablets being better than laptops. Though this is the case, tablets are not that useless. They are still portable and light. As mentioned earlier, it is still up to the users needs to determine if a laptop or a tablet works better for him.

Alex is a freelance technology blogger and journalist. He loves to write articles about SEO or Apple mac products and currently writes a blog for .